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Sylvan Beach Park

June 30, 2024

This is my second week exploring the beaches nearest to Houston's downtown. While further exploring the coastline near Kemah on google maps, I discovered another sliver of beach in the same direction as last week's Playa El Jardin.

Though it covers much of the same route as last week's which sends you through a heavily industrialized area, the trip is shorter by a hair, giving me a door to sand time of just around 35 minutes.


broad view of the beach Sylvan beach is notable right away because it is more developed with a playground, pier, dock, though it isn't much larger than El Jardin. There is again a shower. Nearby at walking distance there are tackle shops and later online I saw there is a Cuban restaurant.

The beach sand is far superior to that of El Jardin, which was almost like mud. It is coarser more variable in texture, and lighter in color. Thankfully, like EL Jardin, the beach was free of trash at this early hour.


much better sand

The weather was warm again, and I was happy to jump in. Not much more to report on water differences compares to El Jardin. It does get deeper quicker, and there is a barrier with orange buoys that prevents you from going very far out at all. There was a sign indicating that rip currents were strong there.


Although not much larger than El Jardin, Sylvan is superior. The sand is better, there is a large playground if you have kids. There is a pier if you fish, and if you wanted to venture away from the beach there are restaurants. I'll be back here to scratch that beach itch.