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What I am Doing Now

Updated May 15th, 2024 from Houston, Texas

In The Kitchen

I am baking at least once a week, mainly for the family.

You can find some examples here baked

I made around 10 bottles of ginger beer, but after 14 days, I found that the did not ferment right and had to pout it all out. I've started a new batch and it already looks promising this time around. These bottle should be ready by the end of this week.


Ana and I have finalized plans for our trip to Europe this Summer - We will be in Norway and the east coast of Spain.

We wrapped up a quick weekend trip to NYC last month. I found this trip to be one of my most revelatory and fulfilling I've had back there.


I am entering my third year with the Houston Methodist Primary Care Group, and I get some pretty busy days.

My Pictures and Videos

I have a sense of tremendous relief after clearing out more than 50 GB of videos and pictures from my iCloud storage. My screen time jumped by 20% per day to complate the painstaking process.

Having all of that data there, without a plan, was weighing on me more than I thought. Last week I had 15000 or so photos and videos, now I have about 6,000.

More on that here.

My ultimate goal is to keep all of my data under my control, with a solid back up routine in place. Also, I am wary that any of the big tech companies will eventually use my most personal stuff like photos and videos to train AI.

Computer Stuff

I am in somewhat of a rabbit hole with learning the ins and outs of linux and command line, self-hosting email, encrypted storage, and this website. I have learned how to access a personal email in terminal, navigate through directories, manage files (copy, move, delete, etc), and I made my first script. I am doing this because by learning linux, I'll be able to breakout of the cycle of having to buy new and flashy devices that I have to pay monthly to use (Windows). This website is all written up on a 11 year old laptop.

Our Daughter

She is 5, and will be starting kindergarden soon.

Here is something fanciful she recently wrote when she was presented with an image of an ancient Egyptian heiroglyphics: