///what I'm up to now


I am living in Houston with my wife and daughter, and I work at a large healthcare group as a primary care physician. I live close to Houston downtown and commute out to the clinic daily. We moved from Waco, and the down tempo pace of things was starting to feel mundane.

We are grateful for our time in Waco, and it was fun to see that city grow. There is an excellent selection of coffee shops, and more and more so, restuarants. Harvest on 25th is one of my favorites.

My wife and I did spend a large part of our lives in big cities, and we began to really miss that.

I will particularly miss being in close proximity to the Homesteaders, a religiously conservative community that is agriculturally based. I found their lifestyle facinating, especially since at the time I was reading deeply into the idea of homesteading and self reliance.

All that said, it was time to leave Waco, and we have been enjoying Houston and it's especially vibrant international food scene. Below are a few shots of food from the restaurant Golstrommen. A roughly "Norwegian" themed restaurant that purports to have the freshest seafood in Houston. **update 2024 - Golfstrommen has closed