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The Rundown

I am a physician practicing family medicine with one of Houston's largest healthcare groups.

I enjoy cooking, long distance running, and computer stuff.


me but in pink

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The Deeper Rundown

I invite you to check out a bit of who I am, and whether you are a patient, family member, or friend, you are welcome.

A bit about our move to Houston in 2022 here.

If you ask "where are you from?", I'll answer this way

My life as told by my ID cards here

the proper way to pronounce my last name below

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//My food blog

///other things

I checked out El Jardin and Sylvan beaches just 35 minutes from Houston.

A photo dump of things I've baked

I like to grow weird things, check out my garden updates here

What I am doing with all my pictures and videos.

Panama, family heritage, legacy, farming. 10/23/23

Have you taken your vitamins?. 11/11/23

The peanut butter jelly sandwich is a scam.

A friend asked me my thoughts on hydroponics, I worry about soil.


Thank you to Derek Sivers - his post here inspired and helped build this site.